Genetic test or Genetic testing is examining your DNA, the chemical database that contains instructions for your body’s operations.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

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Genetic test

At Marylebone Laboratory we can offer Whole Genome Sequencing, a test that analyses 100% of human DNA. The analysis is conducted on all regions of the genome starting with a saliva sampling or a few blood drops. The results allow a broader understanding of the body and its function. 

Once the analysis is completed a file with sensitive data is obtained. The data then will undergo rigorous software analysis to create your Health Risk Report, a genetic analysis on hereditary diseases to verify the greater or lesser predisposition to certain pathologies. With an awareness of the genetic situation, it’s possible to adopt the most effective lifestyle to reduce the chance to develop such conditions.   



Using Genome Sequenced data, we obtain Nutrigenetics information. Telling you how specific genetic variants in your DNA can affect the way you respond to foods and nutrients to optimize your diet. Genetic variants are small differences in DNA observed among individuals. Although these variations do not directly cause a disease, they influence how a gene provides the instructions to make proteins. By adjusting and optimizing your diet based on your Nutrigenetics info, you may positively mitigate your risk of developing certain health conditions.



Using Genome Sequenced data, we obtain information on your genetic predisposition towards certain types of fitness and training, how your body reacts to them, and the probability to suffer from specific types of sports-related injuries. Thanks to the information obtained from the report, you can plan, together with a personal trainer, the training program that best suits your needs and matches your genetic characteristics. DNA contributes significantly to personal predispositions in sports and its many variations can also affect the body’s metabolism and response to a weight loss program. Knowing your variations will provide you with a powerful tool that can help you optimize the path forward to reach your physical fitness goals.

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