Marylebone Diagnostic Centre offers Karyotype testing, a standard cytogenetic analysis that evaluates the chromosomal composition of an individual’s cells. Karyotyping is a valuable diagnostic tool used to detect chromosomal abnormalities, such as numerical and structural abnormalities, which can provide insights into various genetic conditions and disorders.

About Karyotype Testing:

Karyotyping involves the microscopic examination and analysis of stained chromosomes from cultured cells obtained from a sample, typically blood or amniotic fluid. The chromosomes are arranged and photographed to create a karyogram, a visual representation of an individual’s chromosomal complement.


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Key Features

Karyotype testing detects numerical abnormalities (e.g., trisomies, monosomies) and structural abnormalities (e.g., translocations, deletions, duplications) in an individual’s chromosomes, providing valuable diagnostic information.

Karyotyping is used in prenatal diagnosis to assess fetal chromosomal abnormalities, in postnatal diagnosis to evaluate developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities, and in oncology to characterize chromosomal changes in cancer cells.

Karyotype testing is employed in the diagnosis of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Turner syndrome (monosomy X), Klinefelter syndrome (XXY), and structural chromosomal rearrangements associated with conditions like leukemia and lymphoma.



A Karyotype is a visual representation of an individual’s chromosomal composition, obtained through microscopic examination and analysis of stained chromosomes from cultured cells.

Karyotype testing involves collecting a cell sample (e.g., blood, amniotic fluid), culturing the cells in a laboratory, arresting cell division, staining the chromosomes, and analyzing them under a microscope to identify numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities.

Karyotype testing may be recommended for individuals with suspected chromosomal abnormalities, developmental disorders, infertility issues, recurrent pregnancy loss, or a family history of genetic conditions.

The turnaround time for Karyotype test results can vary depending on the specific laboratory and testing protocol. Results are typically available within a few weeks of sample submission.

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