Complete Gene Analysis

Marylebone Diagnostic Centre is proud to offer Complete Gene Analysis, an advanced genetic testing service that comprehensively evaluates an individual’s genetic makeup for a wide range of genetic variations and mutations. Our Complete Gene Analysis provides detailed insights into an individual’s genetic predispositions, offering valuable information for personalized healthcare management and disease risk assessment.

Complete Gene Analysis

  • Code: MLCGA

Key Features

Complete Gene Analysis examines the entire genome, analyzing multiple genes and genetic regions associated with various health conditions, including inherited disorders, susceptibility to diseases, and pharmacogenomic traits.

Our testing service detects a broad spectrum of genetic variations, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions, deletions, copy number variations (CNVs), and structural rearrangements, providing a detailed assessment of an individual’s genetic profile.

Complete Gene Analysis offers personalized health insights by identifying genetic variants linked to specific diseases, traits, or drug responses, enabling tailored preventive measures, targeted screening strategies, and precision medicine approaches.

By assessing genetic predispositions, Complete Gene Analysis helps individuals understand their risk of developing certain diseases or conditions, empowering proactive health management and preventive interventions to mitigate identified risks.

Complete Gene Analysis


Complete Gene Analysis is a comprehensive genetic testing service that evaluates an individual’s entire genome for a wide range of genetic variations and mutations associated with various health conditions.

Complete Gene_Analysis involves collecting a DNA sample, typically obtained from a blood or saliva sample, and performing advanced genomic sequencing techniques to analyze the entire genome, including coding and non-coding regions, for genetic variants and mutations.

Complete Gene_Analysis may be recommended for individuals seeking comprehensive genetic evaluation, especially those with a personal or family history of genetic disorders, complex medical conditions, or individuals interested in proactive health management and disease prevention.

Coverage for Complete Gene_Analysis may vary depending on your insurance provider and specific policy. We recommend contacting your insurance company to inquire about coverage options for genetic testing services.

The turnaround time for Complete_Gene Analysis results can vary depending on the specific laboratory and testing protocol. Results are typically available within a few weeks to a few months of sample submission.

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