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Urine tests are a vital tool in healthcare, offering a non-invasive, efficient way to assess a wide array of health conditions. They help detect and monitor diseases such as kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, diabetes, liver issues, and various metabolic conditions by analyzing the composition of urine for abnormalities. For example, the presence of proteins, glucose, ketones, blood, or bacteria in urine can signal potential health problems that require further investigation. These tests are routinely performed during annual physical exams, pre-surgical evaluations, and pregnancy check-ups. They are also crucial in drug screening processes and in monitoring patients undergoing treatment for substance abuse. Urine tests provide quick and cost-effective insights that are essential for both preventive care and the effective management of existing health conditions, making them an indispensable part of modern medical practice.

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Urine Analysis

Urine Analysis is a urine test. It is used to identify and manage a wide range of illnesses, including urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and diabetes. A urine analysis involves examining the appearance, concentration, and content of urine.

Urine test strips evaluate chemical characteristics like pH, glucose concentration, and protein levels; macroscopic inspection focuses on criteria like colour, clarity, odour, and specific gravity; and microscopy is used to identify components like cells, urinary casts, crystals, and creatures.

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Drug Testing

A drug test normally uses a biological specimen, such as urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat, or oral fluid/saliva. The presence or absence of a specific parent drug or its metabolites can be identified with drug test. Employers and parole/probation officials screening for substances that are illegal and police officers testing for the presence and concentration of alcohol in the blood. Generally referred to as BAC, are some major applications of drug testing (blood alcohol content). There are other alternative techniques that range in accuracy, sensitivity, and detection times.

At Marylebone lab, we do drug testing for various substance screenings including Amphetamine, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine and more.

Our Dedicated Solutions for Drug Test

Individuals may wish to have drug testing to check if there is any presence of recreational drugs in their bodies. They may want to do this for a variety of reasons – for example in child custody cases or ahead of a work or visa check. You might also want to do piece of mind test for your children, in particular teenager to verify if they are consuming drugs during recreational event. We offer drug testing without chain of custody, of medical consultation, you can bring the urine sample from same morning at our clinic.

If you need a consultation, we can arrange sample collection at one of our partner clinics.


A urine test is a diagnostic tool used to analyze a urine sample to detect and monitor various health conditions, such as infections, kidney issues, and metabolic disorders.

Urine tests can detect urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes, liver problems, and other metabolic conditions. They can also be used for drug screening and monitoring hydration levels.

Generally, no special preparation is needed for a urine test. However, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise, certain foods, and medications that might affect the results. Follow any specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

The first urine of the morning is more concentrated, providing more accurate results for many tests. This is because it has accumulated in the bladder overnight, making it more likely to contain higher levels of the substances being tested for.

The sample is usually collected in a clean container provided by the healthcare facility. You’ll be instructed to collect a midstream sample, which means you start urinating, then collect the urine mid-flow to avoid contamination.

Yes, your test results are confidential and will only be shared with you and your healthcare provider. We adhere to strict data protection and privacy policies.

Results for most urine tests are typically available within a few days. Some tests may provide immediate results, while others may take longer depending on the complexity of the analysis.

For most urine tests, you can eat and drink normally. However, some tests may require you to fast or avoid certain foods and drinks. Follow the specific instructions given by your healthcare provider.

If you have your period, inform your healthcare provider, as menstrual blood can contaminate the sample and affect the results. They may provide specific instructions or reschedule the test.

Urine tests are non-invasive and generally risk-free. The only potential issue could be contamination of the sample, which can be minimized by following proper collection procedures.

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