Infertility Panel Male

Welcome to our Male Infertility Panel, a genetic screening solution designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of over 60 genes associated with male infertility. This advanced panel, coded MLIPM, offers a deep dive into the genetic factors influencing male reproductive health. This screening aims to provide valuable insights into potential genetic contributors to infertility, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals with knowledge to make informed decisions.


Gene Screening:

Explore over 60 genes related to male infertility, uncovering potential genetic factors affecting reproductive health.

Infertility Panel Male

  • Code: MLIPM


Gain a deeper understanding of genetic factors contributing to male infertility, allowing for more targeted treatment plans.

Armed with genetic insights, individuals and healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions about fertility treatments and interventions.

Identify potential genetic issues early on, enabling proactive measures to address infertility concerns.

Infertility Panel Male


The panel screens over 60 genes associated with male infertility, providing insights into genetic factors that may impact reproductive health.

The test involves a simple DNA sample collection, typically through a saliva or blood sample. Once collected, the sample is sent to our advanced genetic testing facility for analysis.

Results are typically available within 2-3 weeks after the laboratory receives the sample.

After analysis, a detailed report is provided, offering insights into the identified genetic factors and their potential implications. We recommend discussing the results with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive understanding.

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