Full Risk Gene Analysis

Marylebone Diagnostic Centre is dedicated to providing advanced genetic testing services, including Full Risk Gene Analysis. Our comprehensive analysis evaluates a wide range of genes associated with various health conditions, offering valuable insights into individual genetic predispositions and empowering informed decision-making for personalized healthcare.

Full Risk Gene Analysis

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Our Full Risk Gene Analysis assesses a diverse panel of genes implicated in a wide range of health conditions, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual’s genetic risk profile.

By analyzing multiple genes simultaneously, our testing service identifies potential genetic predispositions for various diseases and medical conditions, enabling proactive health management and preventive interventions.

Full Risk Gene Analysis offers personalized health risk assessment based on individual genetic variants, allowing for tailored preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and targeted screening strategies to mitigate identified risks.

With insights into genetic predispositions, individuals can take proactive steps towards early detection and intervention for preventable or manageable health conditions, potentially improving health outcomes and quality of life.

Full Risk Gene Analysis


Full Risk Gene Analysis is a comprehensive genetic testing service that evaluates a broad panel of genes associated with various health conditions to assess an individual’s genetic risk profile.

Full Risk Gene Analysis involves analyzing a patient’s DNA sample, often obtained through a blood or saliva sample, to assess genetic variants in multiple genes associated with different health conditions using advanced genomic sequencing technologies.

Full Risk Gene Analysis may be recommended for individuals with a personal or family history of certain diseases or medical conditions, or those interested in gaining insights into their genetic predispositions for proactive health management.

The turnaround time for Full Risk Gene Analysis results can vary depending on the specific laboratory and testing protocol. At Marylebone Diagnostic Centre, we strive to deliver timely and accurate results, typically within a few weeks of sample submission.

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