Drug Testing Express Results

Welcome to our comprehensive Drug Testing Express Results service, where we prioritize accuracy, speed, and confidentiality. Our express 2-hour results test ensures quick and reliable insights, giving you peace of mind. Whether for personal reasons, workplace requirements, or legal obligations, our drug testing service is designed to meet your needs.


Express 2-Hour Results Test

Our express test is a cutting-edge solution for those who require rapid drug testing without compromising accuracy. The process is streamlined to provide results within just two hours, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Price: £ 120
  • Code: MLDTER

Key Features

For optimal testing accuracy, we recommend collecting the first morning urine sample. To facilitate this process, kindly obtain a urine collection tube from our facility and ensure the secure transport of the sample to our laboratory. Your commitment to following these guidelines ensures the reliability of test results.

Utilizing advanced testing technologies, we analyze the samples with precision to detect a wide range of substances.

Your privacy is our priority. All results are kept confidential and are only shared with you.

Drug Testing Express Result


Our express test is ideal for situations where time is of the essence. Whether for employment requirements, legal matters, or personal reasons, the 2-hour turnaround time ensures you get the information you need promptly.

Our express 2-hour results test covers a broad spectrum of substances, including but not limited to common illicit drugs and prescription medications.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service. All information and results are handled with the highest level of privacy. Only authorized individuals will have access to your results.

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At Marylebone Diagnostic centre, we are committed to providing a seamless and reliable drug testing experience. Contact us today to schedule your express 2-hour results test and take a proactive step towards a drug-free and secure environment.

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