Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Medical DirectorTharb Faisl

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Tharb FaislFounder, Board Member and Company Director

Mr. Tharb is a young scientist and on the hunt for evolutionary technologies. Tharb is actively involved in the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, leveraging AI to transform disease diagnosis, drug discovery, personalised treatment and research, all while addressing critical ethical and privacy concerns. He works with genetic testing and sequencing, participating in numerous research projects worldwide.

Before founding Marylebone Diagnostic Centre, he managed one of the busiest labs in the UK. Tharb is also actively researching molecular genetics, behavioural genetics, and, especially, epigenetics. He is engaged in private healthcare research and development, concurrently functioning as a consultant at NHM and Bunkyo, where he contributes to the enhancement of their scientific platforms. In addition to his scientific endeavours, he is into healthcare in the Middle East and Japan.