Androgenic Alopecia Panel

Detect and manage androgenic alopecia effectively with the Androgenic Alopecia Panel at Marylebone Diagnostic Centre. This genetic test analyzes key genes related to hair follicle health and hormone interactions.

Androgenic Alopecia Panel

  • Price: £ 119
  • Code: MLAAP

What You Get:

  • Identify genetic predispositions related to androgen receptor genes.
  • Assess DNA regions predictive of alopecia development.
  • Analyze genes related to oxidative damage and follicle health.
Androgenic Alopecia Panel


The Androgenic Alopecia Panel is a genetic test that analyzes specific genes related to hair follicle health and hormone interactions associated with male-pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia).

The test assesses genetic markers such as androgen receptor genes, DNA regions predictive of alopecia development, and genes related to oxidative damage. This helps in early prediction and personalized management strategies.

Individuals concerned about hair loss, especially male-pattern baldness, can benefit from this test. It provides insights into genetic predispositions and can guide early intervention strategies.

The test involves a simple genetic analysis, typically using a saliva or blood sample. The sample is analyzed in a laboratory to evaluate specific genetic markers related to androgenic_alopecia.

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Androgenic_alopecia, or male-pattern baldness, is influenced by genetic factors and hormone interactions. Our panel helps predict and manage this condition early, offering personalized strategies for intervention.


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