Extended Depression Profile

Welcome to our Depression Profile Extended, a specialized package designed to provide a thorough analysis of key factors that may contribute to depression and impact mental well-being. Priced at £249 and identified by the code MLDP, this comprehensive assessment covers a range of essential elements crucial for understanding and addressing depressive symptoms.

  • Price: £ 249
  • Code: MLDP

Tests Include

Evaluates kidney function and electrolyte balance, essential for maintaining overall health and stability.

Assesses hormone levels that play a significant role in mood regulation and overall mental well-being.

Examines the levels of crucial vitamins associated with mental health. Vitamin D and B12 deficiencies have been linked to depressive symptoms.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that supports brain function and helps regulate neurotransmitters. Low levels may contribute to depressive feelings.

Zinc is involved in various bodily functions, including brain health. An imbalance may impact mood and contribute to depressive symptoms.

Selenium is an essential trace element with antioxidant properties. Assessing selenium levels is crucial as it plays a role in maintaining cognitive function and mental well-being.