Erectile Dysfunction

Welcome to our Erectile Dysfunction Screening Package [MLED]. This comprehensive package is designed to assess various factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). By analyzing key biomarkers, we aim to provide valuable insights into your overall health and potential factors affecting your sexual well-being.

Erectile Dysfunction

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Included Tests

This test measures different components of your blood, including red and white blood cells and platelets, providing insights into overall health.

Lipid profile measures cholesterol levels, including HDL (high-density lipoprotein), LDL (low-density lipoprotein), and triglycerides. Elevated cholesterol levels may impact blood flow, a crucial factor in erectile function.

This test assesses your blood sugar levels. Diabetes, often linked to high glucose levels, is a known risk factor for ED.

This test offers a longer-term view of blood sugar levels, aiding in diabetes diagnosis and management.

Thyroid dysfunction can influence metabolism and energy levels, potentially impacting sexual function.

Elevated prolactin levels may interfere with testosterone production, affecting libido and sexual function.

This measures the overall amount of testosterone in your blood, crucial for male sexual health.

This assesses the amount of unbound testosterone available for use in the body.

Elevated levels may indicate prostate issues, which can affect sexual function.

This protein binds to sex hormones, influencing their availability for bodily functions.

Erectile Dysfunction


This package provides a comprehensive assessment of key biomarkers related to erectile function, offering valuable insights into potential underlying causes.

While it is designed for those experiencing ED, anyone concerned about their sexual health and overall well-being can benefit from this comprehensive screening.

No, most of the tests require a simple blood sample, and our experienced professionals ensure a comfortable and non-invasive testing experience.

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