Depression Profile XX

Welcome to our Depression Profile XX, a comprehensive wellness assessment designed to provide valuable insights into key biochemical markers associated with depression. Priced at £199 and identified by the code MLDP, this profile encompasses a range of essential tests to offer a holistic understanding of your health.

Depression Profile XX

  • Price: £ 199
  • Code: MLDPXX

Tests Included

Evaluates kidney function and electrolyte balance.

Measures the levels of the thyroid hormone T3.

Assesses the concentration of the thyroid hormone T4.

Determines the unbound, active form of the thyroid hormone T4.

Examines the thyroid’s overall function.

Measures the levels of these essential vitamins linked to mood and overall well-being.

Assesses the testosterone hormone, which can impact mood and energy levels.

Depression Profile XX


Our Depression Profile XX goes beyond basic diagnostics, providing a comprehensive overview of key biochemical markers associated with depression. By assessing a range of parameters, it offers a more in-depth understanding of your health, aiding in early detection and personalized wellness planning.

Booking is simple! Visit our website and navigate to the “Depression Profile XX” section. Follow the instructions to schedule your test at a convenient location and time.

Results turnaround time may vary, but most results are typically available within a few days. Your healthcare provider will inform you of the specific timeline.

Yes, we prioritize your privacy. Your test results are strictly confidential and will only be shared with you. We adhere to strict privacy and data protection guidelines.

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