At Marylebone lab apart from blood, cancer screening, std, covid, virus, urine, genetics and drug testing, we are also bringing these coming soon tests. These tests are affordable and useful for most people.

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These tests listed below are coming soon at marylebone lab.


Coming soon tests

These include DNA profiling, Pharmacogenomics, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Meningitis & Encephalitis, HPV High-risk, Urinary Tract Infections and Gastroenteritis.

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DNA Profiling

DNA profiling (also called DNA fingerprinting) is the process of determining an individual's DNA characteristics.

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Pharmacogenomics examines how your DNA impacts and react to different medicines you in-take.

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Meningitis & Encephalitis

Meningitis & Encephalitis are infections of the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord.

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Tuberculosis (TB), is an airbone infectious illness caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

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HPV High-Risk

(high risk...) A kind of human papillomavirus (HPV) that can cause cervical cancer and other malignancies such as anus, vagina, vulva, penis, etc.

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Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are frequent illnesses that occur when bacteria enter the urethra and infect the urinary system, usually through the skin or rectum.

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Gastroenteritis, which causes diarrhoea and vomiting, is a relatively frequent illness. It is often caused by a bacterial or viral stomach illness.

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