Liver Function Test

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Liver Function Test [MLLV]. This test is a crucial component of assessing the health of your liver, a vital organ responsible for various metabolic functions in the body. Let’s delve into the details of this test, its components, and what each parameter signifies.


The Liver Function Test [MLLV] is a panel of blood tests designed to assess the overall health and functionality of your liver. It provides valuable insights into different aspects of liver function, helping healthcare professionals diagnose and monitor various liver conditions.

Liver Function Test

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Tests Include

Measures the total amount of protein in your blood. Abnormal levels may indicate liver disease or other health conditions.

Evaluates the health of the liver and bones. Elevated levels may indicate liver or bone issues.

Measures the total amount of bilirubin in the blood. Elevated levels may suggest liver dysfunction or other issues.

Assesses the liver’s ability to produce proteins. Interpretation: Abnormal levels may indicate liver disease.

Measures liver enzyme levels. Elevated levels may indicate liver damage or disease.

Evaluates liver and heart health. Elevated levels may indicate liver or heart issues.

Assesses liver and bile duct function. Elevated levels may indicate liver or bile duct disorders.

Liver Function Test


The liver is vital for various bodily functions. This test helps diagnose liver conditions early, facilitating timely intervention.

Fasting may be required for accurate results. Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions

The frequency depends on your health and medical history. Your healthcare provider will recommend an appropriate schedule.

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Ensure you follow your healthcare provider’s advice for the best understanding of your liver health. Regular monitoring and early intervention can contribute to a healthier life. If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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