Androgenic Alopecia Panel

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  • Androgenetic alopecia occurs only in predisposed subjects, those i which at the scalp level are equipped with the 5 alpha reductase enzyme capable of transforming testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, i.e. the hormone that interacts with the follicles and induces baldness Subjects with androgenetic alopecia have, in the follicles of the scalp, elevated levels of 5 alpha reductase (temporal areas and nape of the neck) The follicles progressively miniaturize, become superficial and their cycle vital is forced towards the phase of falling (telogen) of the hair Therefore we have developed a genetic test base on the extraction and analysis of a series of genes as follow ( XX are internal coding not real genes) XX is a gene that encodes the androgen receptor. XY is a DNA region thought to be particularly predictive for the development of alopecia. XZ is the gene that encodes the necrosis factor receptor tumor 27, also known as ectodysplasin 2 receptor. XJ is the gene that encodes the enzyme glutathione peroxidase 1 (oxidative damage) Positivity to this test will help do predict earlier the development of AA and can help identify early strategies.
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