Active Sport Injury

Enhance your athletic performance and safeguard your health with the Active Sport Injury test at Marylebone Diagnostic Centre. This targeted genetic analysis is designed to help you identify and mitigate your risk factors for sports-related injuries.

Active Sport Injury

  • Price: £ 299
  • Code: MLASI

What You Get:

  • Learn about your susceptibility to common sports-related injuries.
  • Get personalized recommendations to minimize risks and enhance your training regimen.
Genetic Test


The Active Sport Injury test is a genetic analysis designed to assess your risk factors for sports-related injuries and provide insights to help you prevent them.

The test involves a simple saliva sample, which can be collected at our clinic or at home. The sample is then analyzed in our lab to provide detailed insights into your genetic profile.

Anyone who participates in sports or physical activities can benefit from this test, including amateur enthusiasts and professional athletes. It’s particularly useful for those looking to prevent injuries and optimize their training.

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Stay ahead of potential injuries with insights tailored specifically to your genetic profile. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a professional athlete, the Active Sport Injury test will help you train smarter and stay healthier.


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