Essential Screening

At just £89, our Essential Screening package (Code: MLES) offers a thorough examination of key health indicators to ensure you stay on top of your well-being. This comprehensive screening includes a battery of essential tests that provide valuable insights into your overall health.

  • Price: £ 89
  • Code: MLES

Tests Include

Examines red and white blood cells, helping to detect various disorders.

Measures blood sugar levels to assess diabetes risk.

Essential for bone health and overall body function.

Evaluates kidney function and identifies potential issues like gout.

Measures kidney function and efficiency.

Provides an estimate of kidney function.

Assesses the health of the liver through various markers.

Evaluates cholesterol levels for cardiovascular health.

Measures iron levels to check for anemia or iron overload.

Essential electrolytes for maintaining fluid balance and nerve function.

Assesses tissue damage and disease.

Measures muscle damage or stress.