COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test

The COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test is a quick and efficient method to detect the presence of antibodies in your system. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system in response to an infection. This test can help determine whether you have been previously exposed to the virus, even if you were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms.

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Key Features

Get your results in just minutes, allowing for swift decision-making.

Simple to use and can be performed at home or in a healthcare setting.

Our tests have undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Priced at just £19.00 per test, we believe that health should be accessible to everyone.

Covid-19 Antibody Rapid Test


The test detects the presence of antibodies (IgM and IgG) generated in response to a COVID-19 infection. A small blood sample is required, and results are available within minutes.

You can take the test at any time, but it is recommended to wait at least two weeks after potential exposure for more accurate results.

This test is designed for individuals who may have been exposed to the virus, including those who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. If you are currently experiencing symptoms, it is advised to consult with a healthcare professional for diagnostic testing.

This test is suitable for individuals of all ages. However, for children, parental supervision may be necessary during the testing process.

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