Colorectal Cancer FOB

Colorectal cancer is a serious health concern, but early detection can make a significant difference in treatment outcomes. Our MLFOB (Fecal Occult Blood) test is a cutting-edge screening method designed to identify early signs of colorectal cancer, providing you with the opportunity for timely intervention and better chances of successful treatment.

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Why Choose MLFOB?

Colorectal cancer is highly treatable when caught in its early stages. MLFOB empowers you to take control of your health.

For individuals already diagnosed with colorectal cancer, the FOB test helps monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Priced at just £43, MLFOB offers an affordable and accessible option for regular colorectal cancer screening.

Colorectal Cancer FOB


The Colorectal Cancer FOB Test is a screening test designed to detect hidden blood in the stool, which can be an early sign of colorectal cancer.

The FOB test detects hidden (occult) blood in the stool, which can be an early indicator of colorectal cancer or other conditions like polyps.

Anyone over the age of 50 or those with risk factors for colorectal cancer should consider taking this test. It is also recommended for individuals with a family history of colorectal cancer.

The test includes a simple stool sample collection kit to detect hidden blood in the stool.

You will collect a small stool sample using the provided kit, which is then analyzed in our laboratory to detect the presence of hidden blood.

Results are typically available within a few days after the sample is received by the laboratory. You will receive a detailed report outlining the findings.

Yes, all results are confidential and shared only with you and your healthcare provider. We prioritize your privacy and adhere to strict data protection guidelines.

No special preparation is typically required. Your healthcare provider will provide specific instructions if any preparations are necessary.

Yes, our experts can integrate this test into comprehensive health assessments as needed, ensuring thorough evaluation and management.

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